a survival guide for 2016

the blog’s birthday – day one: 9th of Jan 2011.

the birthday of the I am: 1.1.2016


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Twin Flame Break Up (Losing your Twin Flame) YouTube

block H.U.

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I don’t want to see one uneducated comment about “the chemtrailing is a conspiracy theory”. I have studied for a few years the companies and patents. The footages and the panel discussions in the highest government institutions. So fck of with stupid comments. The question is not whether does it happen or not. The question is; how come YOU and I have no say in this? And you know what I think of main stream media so there you have the answer why none of these “news bureaus” ask the question and demand it answered.

Fcuk the regime and a-nu world order.

time to kill the monsters under your bed


btw, no main stream news can at this time in history and level of consciousness print this. Thus I do understand why “our governments” have a lid on this shit..

we better allow some Divine internvention and yes our ‘friends’ in the unseen are ready to step in when we are ready to authorize them. That however happens on a wide scale acceptance amongst the people of Earth who were given the right to ascend and descend and live by free will. We might not be at the tipping point yet..

so get entangled. Raise your awareness. Your consciousness. You’re the ones ..erhm.. “we have been waiting for”. So wake up. Exit the grids of selfishness and fear and suffering and scarcity and enter 888

8 for infinite possibilities
8 for infinite abundance
8 for infinite love

I had to extend this with 24h on Facebook to get a ripple on this. Stand back coCreators. *BOOM*

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Daniel’s papers


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good guys believed in the back up of USA.. and were sold out by CIA ..again!

history repeats itself!

the coup in Turkey is to over throw Erdogan and now they make him look like the Dictator like he is! just like in other countries were there have been US backed Dictators USA eventually take the regime down by demonizing the top of the pyramid. It has worked all along especially for a state – a government that is all about Entropy and Divide & Conquer.

When a Dictator turns agains the US domination – their “owners” they are one by one taken down. Obey – or die.

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Lion’s Gate, Seventh Dimension Earth – YouTube

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pregnancy mobile phones laptops – The Pleiadians on How to activate the DNA YouTube

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