a survival guide for 2016

the blog’s birthday – day one: 9th of Jan 2011.

the birthday of the I am: 1.1.2016


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2nd coming quicky

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continuousity of jolted back to the grind

*sad* news 💔😔

Alaa Nejme, from Aadloun, South Lebanon, was killed fighting *real* terrorism in Syria today. Rest in the sweetest serenity hero, you will be missed. 💛 and at the same released into Continousity or ..more likely jolted back into the Matrix. Until we crash the gates:-/
this *war* can’t be won with weapons

the tyrants and selfdeclared demiGods of Entropy

are not on the battle field. Only the misguided soldiers *all-for-Evil* and freedom fighters clash and shed blood ~ in vain..!
only honesty and empathy for ‘all there is’ will
♡ unconditional love 8

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I’m so tired..

..of fighting..

all my life.. the slightest mistake and I am punished. All my life why the tradegy. Why is this. No one answers..

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lost soul..

​lost..!? soul..?
the fallen became

to flesh ; )
and totally disconnected

..or couldn’t “afford” a broad band connection

barely a gprs
so how are people wired? odd sources calling themselves “Gods”…? ateism.. duality.. lost cause. Lost identity.. lost consciousness. Brain fog. 

” no meaning “

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from 3D to 5D


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MATT DAMON on ELITE & NWO – Amazing Speech On This Evil World – YouTube

I posted this video for the first time like a decade ago. I didn’t at the time believe in people. I just realized the ignorance and apathy – everyone serving themselves. Buying new cars.. and fanzy drinks. 
Yes I always believed in the select few. I believed in Matt. I knew what he meant. 
Yes, I was there at the French revolution. I’ve seen the sweat blood and tears – the pain and the ultimate sacrifice. I know there come times in the history when we stand up.. and we stood up for what is right & freedom. We’ve fought for it, died for it..! 
When can we finally live in it?
For thousands of years we never broke the tyranny. We killed some dictators yes. But never broke out of slavery. We remained “the harvest”. We’ve died a thousand times to set the human race free.. in vain. I’ve been here all along. And so tired of the sword and the shield.
I give in.
No more fighting.
Honesty & love

is the answer!! it always was.


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you’re being beamed too..!?


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